IE11/10/9 prevents pop-ups, even when I've explicitly permitted them

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IE11/10/9 prevents pop-ups, even when I've explicitly permitted them

Postautor: JosephGalvan » 17 maja 2018, 08:01


I need to use Exostar to run my business, and it's a IE-based piece of crap application that needs to spawn new windows. Sometimes they're simply URL-based, e.g., which I can work around by copying and pasting the link, but other links are javascript based, e.g. "javascript: void preparePrint('DiscPOFullPrint', '', new Array('DiscPOFullPrint'), newArray('DocumentType=DiscPOFullPrint&QueueName=DiscreteOrderDownloadQueue'), null, null, null,true)" which I can't work around.
My particular installation of IE simply refuses to allow popups. I have turned Pop-Up Blocker OFF, I have turned Pop-up Blocker On and added every conceivable combinatorial of domains to the "Exceptions" list, and I have set the Level to "Low" and then turned PUB OFF again, and nothing seems to help.I even downgraded from IE11 to IE10 per some random instructions on the internet, and it still doesn't work.No other browser is supported by Exostar, so I need to make this work.Anyone have ideas?

Please help.

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