Secondary Infertility

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Secondary Infertility

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I had this removed but still nothing. I'm 40 in July and literally can't stand it I've never not wanted a birthday so much in my life. Everyone around me has had number 2 or even 3 and other friends who had previously struggled are now pregnant. I'm desperate for my son to have a sibling we hardly have any family anyway and the thought of him being alone when he's older is too much to bear. Friends don't know what to say anymore, I'm at the point where I can't be bothered to pretend everything is OK anymore we previously tried IVF but never got started each time we went there was something else wrong, high AMH, cyst on ovary, couldn't find ovary!!!! I think we have to give IVF another go, I can't accept him being an only child, it's killing me PS anyone in West Yorkshire?
Please help.

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